NAR Convention Notes from Orlando

Here are a few notes from the Convention:


NAR economist Lawrence Yun is predicting steady growth at about 5% per year for the next three years with interest rates and inflation flat until 2015. Inventories are at historic lows. Shadow inventories are falling fast: 33% last year, 25% this year and 15% next year. The market is stabilizing. Rising rents are driving multi-family construction.


Home Ownership Matters is the NAR theme for this year. Promoting the benefits of and protecting the rights of homeowners is a top priority. Home ownership does matter in so many ways. Just one example is that homeowners have a net worth of about five times that of renters. Home ownership is still a path to success for so many Americans.


There were so many exhibitors and vendors that you could have spent three days doing nothing else but visiting their booths. Education opportunities were everywhere too. Here is an example.


Max Pigman did a great presentation on his Top Ten tech tools for real estate. Here they are:


  1. Goals. Figure out what you want tech to help with and then implement the tools.
  2. Mobile. Everything is going mobile. Over half of all real estate searches are on mobile devices. That number will rise. Go mobile and be prepared.
  3. Free web tools are out there. Take advantage.
  4. Have a lead-generating system and strategy.
  5. Use social media marketing.
  6. Use video marketing. A few poorly shot photos no longer cuts it for listings.
  7. Distribute relevant content to your sphere. Content is valuable to people.
  8. Use the powerful exclusive listing tools that are available.
  9. Protect and build your online reputation. Use Google alerts to keep track of yourself online.
  10. Make sure your website and newsletter look good on mobile devices.


Lastly, here are a few mobile apps you might find useful:


1.Magic Plan. Professional floor plans created by your iPhone camera. Very cool.

2. Drop Box. Save your files online and retrieve them all using your mobile device.

3. Evernote. Keeps track of everything in notebooks shared between all your devices online. Everything in one place. Write notes, do voice notes, add photos, clip web pages, and keep them all organized in one place. It is free.

4. Calcmoolator. All sorts of calculators. Free.

5. collaborative search app. Share with your Buyers as they search courtesy of You.


Michael Larson, KWAR President